Video: how to make origami little hearts?

Video: how to make origami little hearts?

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In order to create an original romantic atmosphere, think of origami hearts. They will decorate your Valentine's table with delicacy and elegance. Chipie la Galette is a Lyonnais designer passionate about creative leisure. Through a few short videos, she gives you her tips for creating personalized decorative objects, which do not require either being an expert or putting your hand in your pocket! Today, Véronique explains how to make origami hearts.

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What you need for each heart

- Origami paper - A pair of scissors - A ruler - A pencil

What to do

Turn over the origami paper, draw a diagonal with a pencil and cut out the sheet. A triangle will be the basis for making a heart. Fold the triangle in half, point on point, marking the central edge and unfold it. Fold the tip of the central stop back two thirds. Fold the other two points on the center line, symmetrically, then turn the paper over. For the top of the heart, fold the different sides as described in the video. the result: beautiful little hearts with volume. Find out more!


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