Selection of romantic special Valentine's Day stickers

Selection of romantic special Valentine's Day stickers

Saying I love you with flowers is the most coveted model on Valentine's Day. However, we can also count on the walls to get the message out! With romantic stickers sorted on the job, the result is original and inexpensive.

Evocative of romanticism

In the shape of a heart, flowers, letters "L.O.V.E", characters in love, a poetic quote or even a gondola in Venice. These stickers all have the same objective: to scratch the walls with a romantic note. An unusual idea to adopt on February 14, because being inexpensive, the adhesives are ideal when trying to establish an ephemeral decorative touch. The idea? Fix them in a place where your Valentin or Valentine will be surprised (and perhaps touched) to discover them: on the bathroom mirror or in the kitchen if you want him or her to see him early in the morning , in the hallway or above the bed so as to be seen on the way home from work, or before going to bed…

Our favorites

All websites selling stickers have their own versions of romantic designs. But when writing dé, we have our favorites. They are signed Le Prédeau and have the distinction of staging either chic and arty designs, or stanzas or poetic phrases. Need examples? Birds in love that seem to have been drawn by hand, freehand; pretty whimsical flowers in XXL format, the inscription "It is important to believe in fairy tales" or that of two mini chapters telling the passionate encounter between a man and a woman ...