How to install a hood duct?

How to install a hood duct?

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Answer: following the manufacturer's instructions for the range hood, making sure to seal the different sections together.

First, the manufacturer's instructions for the hood duct, which has been designed for a specific height, must be observed. If the standardized products are not suitable for your installation, it is possible to have a custom duct made for less than € 100. In the case where the duct has several sections, it will be necessary to seal the junctions between the different parts with suitable sealant or aluminum tape. If the duct passes through a space that does not have heating like the attic, the insulation of the duct will be essential to avoid the phenomenon of condensation. This is not necessary in heated rooms, however. Finally, do not forget to equip your duct with a valve at its external outlet to avoid infiltration. You too, send us your brico question