How to install a mini water heater?

How to install a mini water heater?

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Answer: the mini water heater must be perfectly straight, and located near a water supply and an electrical connection.

The mini water heater is an instantaneous water heater, which is intended to serve as a backup water heater. Very useful when you have a water part away from the main hot water system. It does not have a storage tank, so it is relatively easy to install even in a small room. To operate, all you need is a nearby water supply and an electrical connection. You can put it under a sink for example, or fix it on one of the walls of the room taking into account its overall weight. Some models are designed to be placed on a support leg, which is supplied with. Make sure that the miniature water heater is straight, horizontal or vertical, using a spirit level. You too, send us your brico question


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