Cleaning is chic!

Cleaning is chic!

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Housekeeping has never been and never will be fun. On the other hand, its popularity rating could experience a real reversal of the situation, going from a purely painful household to a chic and trendy household. It suffices to clean, rub and polish not with ugly as basic accessories, but with models having the chic to combine aesthetics and functionality. With the following 6, you can make sure that your household routine immediately takes on a glamorous look…

Design brushes

Discovered at the essential Maison & Objet decoration fair, the Swedish brand Iris Hantverk fascinates us with its chic, unusual and environmentally friendly cleaning brushes (scouring brushes of all sizes and for all rooms). Their particularity? Combine handcrafting (using traditional ancestral techniques) and natural materials (beech handle and… horsehair brush!). It is the green souls who should crack first!

A beautiful feather duster

They evoke the chic of another time and cause admiration with their beautiful plumage. So, what are we waiting for to bring out the cleaning tool that our grandmothers used to reach the nooks: the feather duster? Favorite for the hand-made model signed The Conran Shop. Its ostrich feathers (naturally electrically charged) capture dust without moving it, while its extra long handle makes it as practical as it is elegant.

A carpet beater

Since the vacuum cleaner has established itself as THE star of "household" sales, the carpet beaters have disappeared from the scene. Pity ! Their natural and slender look have everything of a decorative object in their own right. Result: we reclaim them to dust cushions, rugs and quilts in style. Direction the Perigot brand to find the one we need!

A stylized broom

Isn't it time to replace the old Cinderella broom that we have had for years? Yes ! Quick, we offer ourselves a model with style. On the site, we fell in love with a resolutely sophisticated Japanese version: brush cut in gradation, materials in palm and rattan ... As a bonus: we also adopt the dustpan or the matching brush!

A chic iron

Not only is ironing painful, but irons are not beautiful. Ah, it depends! By opting preferably for an all black model rather than all white and futuristic rather than classic lines: the object is no longer what it used to be! Our favorite ? The total black model from Philips, to believe that even for household accessories, the effect of the little black dress works…

A connected vacuum cleaner

In recent years, the vacuum cleaner has changed. Swapping his extra pounds for a featherweight, his bulky figure for a slender look, and his dust bags for an integrated tank, he is becoming more and more discreet, practical and above all: beautiful! As its name suggests, the Sex & the City broom model by Hoover takes the concept even further by dressing in black and a few mauve notes. Everything to please the fairer sex and prove that yes, a vacuum cleaner can be glamorous!