Mistakes to Avoid in the Home with a Child

Mistakes to Avoid in the Home with a Child

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At home, we feel safe from all dangers but we tend to forget it, it is not always suitable for the safety of children. It can be a source of risk which, if prevented, will avoid many hassles. Electrical outlets, doors, windows, cupboards… are to be protected to have peace of mind at home.

Do not store dangerous products

Household products in the kitchen, medicines in the bathroom, detergents in the laundry room, display colors and smells that can attract the attention of toddlers who are always hungry for knowledge. Arranged at their height, they can be ingested by your child who sees here new products to discover. First, store them out of their reach, but more secure by placing the drugs in a locked medicine cabinet and equip your cupboards with wedges that will prevent it from opening.

Do not put non-slip mats

The shower and the bathtub are a great playground but watch out for the slides! Its acrylic or water-enamelled material does not mix well! This wet area must be protected by a non-slip mat which allows it to remain stable under water. Similarly, it is advisable to put a non-slip underlay under your rugs to prevent falls. Sold by roll, it adapts to all dimensions.

Do not protect the corners

The corners of the tables, the sideboard, the TV stand are all sharp angles that should be protected. For this, you will find protections to install that adapt to the corners of your furniture to round the edges.

Do not ventilate the room

Often the arrival of a child requires investing in new furniture. But do you know that furniture made of medium contains formaldehydes harmful to health. This is why ventilating the room 5 minutes a day is necessary for a healthy room.

Don't think about blocking the plugs

It is only very recent that electrical outlets are secure. Many interiors lack protection to block your child's curious little fingers. Remember to install socket covers on each socket, preferably as discreet as possible so as not to attract baby's attention.

Do not secure doors and windows

At his first steps, your child's balance is still uncertain so the doors and windows can serve as support. But beware of damage if they are not retained by door or window blocks.

Do not secure stairs

Stairs in particular are very dangerous. Children being reckless, they do not see the danger in the same way as adults, this risk area must be under your control. But since you cannot keep an eye on everything, it is possible to avoid accidents by installing a safety barrier to keep your toddler away from stairs.

Not having a first aid kit on hand

And if, unfortunately, an accident does occur, always have at hand, and not your children, a first aid kit to treat sores. And remember to put in the phone number of your pediatrician you never know!