What material to cover a wooden bar with metal?

What material to cover a wooden bar with metal?

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Question from Béatrice:

<< Bonjour, je souhaite recouvrir la tablette de mon bar en bois d'une feuille de métal. Quel matériau me conseillez-vous ? Aluminium, zinc, inox ? Sachant que je ne possède pas de plieuse. Merci. >>

Answer: choose zinc

Hello Beatrice, for your bar tablet, I recommend zinc for its raw appearance which will give authenticity to your decoration! It will bring a touch of freshness and originality to your bar area. Zinc has many advantages: it is light, quick and economical to install. You will first need to cut the zinc with a claw and then curl the edges with zinc pliers. You will cut, still with the pliers, the angles of the plate towards the corners of the wooden tray. Then, you flatten the folds with a hammer and finally, you will weld the corners under the plate. Before handling the zinc, wear special gloves to avoid cutting yourself! You too, send us your decoration question