Nice accessories for the bathroom

Nice accessories for the bathroom

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To make the bathroom more pleasant and more decorative, the details are sure to make a difference! So to help you polish your decor, we suggest you discover some decorative tips to look after for a bathroom at the top!

Jars for cotton and other accessories

Rather than leaving your cottons in their unsightly plastic bag, use them as decorative accessories! We then choose pretty jars that could be reminiscent of candy boxes and we place the cottons inside. To maximize the decorative effect, you can also opt for small pastel-colored cottons which in this case will really make you think of little candies.

A soap dispenser

Instead of leaving the plastic soap dispenser visible, swap it for a model that you have chosen and whose design will match your bathroom. In addition to being decorative, it is ecological and economical since you will only have to buy soap refills instead of the dispenser. Note that you can match the dispenser with the cup that usually accommodates toothbrushes.

A decorative basket

In the bathroom, you also need a small trash can, but there is no question that it will remind you of the one in the kitchen! So to adapt the bin to the room in the bathroom, we prefer a small open basket that will accommodate your used cottons. The ideal? Divert a small basket to create an ultra chic and decorative bin!


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