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is on Pinterest!

 is on Pinterest!

Fill up on original and unusual images

Pinterest is a free social network, based on image sharing, particularly rich in decorative inspirations. Very easy to use, just a few clicks to share a photo or anything on the Internet. By registering, choose the themes that you like the most (decoration, holidays, home, DIY, art, technology…) and follow your friends. Pinterest also allows you to create your own tables on which you can pin photos or images and re-pin those of others. To put images online, nothing could be simpler: click on the "Pin it" share button found on certain sites or import photos from your computer. It's a breeze! Just like the app for smartphones and tablets: practical, it allows you to share your images at any time! Decorative tips, shopping ideas, cooking recipes, pictures from the end of the world, playlists… There's everything on Pinterest! Now it's your turn to group your favorite photos, discover new ideas and share them!

Unearth decorating ideas!

On the Pinterest page of, find decor ideas, thematic tables (red decor, children's room, for Christmas, Easter…) but also selections of design and trendy objects. Wondering how to arrange a laundry room, what colors to associate with a green kitchen or what are the new features for an original Christmas decoration? All the answers, in pictures, are on the Pinterest page of. From the ultra-contemporary loft to the cozy country house, the most beautiful atmospheres can be found on our page. We also pin design novelties, very funny unusual objects and to dream a little, photos of paradisiac houses. In the blink of an eye, fill up on news and discoveries from the world of decoration. And why not take inspiration from it for your home? So if you have not yet registered, go ahead and start by following the account of

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