How to treat water infiltration?

How to treat water infiltration?

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Answer: more or less important works depending on the origin of the infiltrations.

Water infiltration can have various causes, and it is first essential to determine its origin (s). They can indeed come from cracks in the walls, from a roof in poor condition, from leaky openings, from leaks in pipes or from blocked gutters. You can call on a professional who will carry out a diagnosis (free of charge) and then allow you to adapt the treatment against infiltration. It could simply be to unclog exhaust pipes, or redo door and window seals. But things can also be more complicated. This is the case of cracks in the wall. Up to 2 mm, it is possible to apply a water-repellent treatment or a waterproofing coating. In addition, masonry work is required. It may also be necessary to drain the foundations or install a waterproof membrane. You too, send us your DIY question.