Video: how to create a silk flower?

Video: how to create a silk flower?

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Do you want to decorate a headband or clothing in a personal and original way? Are you looking for an elegant and refined ornament? Pauline and Margot, creators of headbands, share their tips for easily creating a pretty silk flower.

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Make the base of the silk flower

To create a silk flower, you first need to make the base. To do this, start by cutting the petals. Cut out from a news item: 739845 silk fabric a first round of the size of your choice. Then use this first round to make the other petals: fix with pins the first round on the news: 739845 silk fabric, then cut around. This will result in discs of equal size. To make a flower, you will need six petals.

Shape the silk flower

Once your petals are cut, you need to shape them. To do this, fold each petal on itself a first time, then a second time. You will get a kind of cone while volume. Sew this folding on your loom, and repeat the operation with the other petals by sewing them all in the same place, in the center of the flower. As you sew, you will see the shape of the flower appear. Sew a sequin in a matching color or not in the center of the flower. Finally cut out your flower at its base to detach it from the loom. Following the advice of Pauline and Margot, you will obtain a beautiful silk flower that you can sew on the support of your choice. Watch the video How to create a silk flower? on Produced by Minute Facile.