Flamingo, or the art of authentic refinement

Flamingo, or the art of authentic refinement

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Flamant is more than a brand, it's a way of life. Founded by three Belgian brothers twenty years ago, the brand evokes as much a warm, chic and sophisticated decoration as a subtle mixture of past and present making its furniture and accessories incredibly familiar and endearing. Back on the history of this prestigious brand.

In search of a warm decor, between the past and the present

Flamant is first of all the story of 3 Flemish brothers. For Alex, Geo and Jacques, the adventure begins about thirty years ago in their father's antique shop. The initial idea is launched. Give new impetus to old objects and furniture, find a happy medium between past and present: these are the concepts of the family business. Better still, the house will be designed around the words "welcome", "comfort", "warmth" and "security". Values ​​close to what one feels when arriving home, at the sight of faces or familiar objects. In short, Flamant is more than a brand, it is a way of life. This is demonstrated by the first boutique in Antwerp, opened in 1992. There, the antique and refined pieces are presented in a refreshing and trendy atmosphere, but above all very warm and friendly. This first boutique was so successful that the opening of new stores was soon: in Ghent, in Brussels.

House & Object: the consecration

Flamant's fame outside Belgian borders began with the first edition of the legendary Maison & Objet fair, at the gates of Paris. A presence that earned him to make himself known to the French, but also to the Italians, the Germans or the Japanese. The small stand of the time became large and the exhibitor made himself known internationally. The brand, which now has nearly 300 employees, has even opened several stores around the world: in France, Italy, Germany, Moscow and Tokyo.

High quality authentic products

The furniture, accessories, table decorations and textiles offered by the brand are true to its values: they evoke a feeling of familiarity and authenticity, but also exude deep elegance. Values ​​that go hand in hand with the choice of quality since the collections are made by craftsmen, whether they are specialized in metal, wood, glass or fabric. In addition, Flamant recently added a string to its bow by supplementing its decorative offer with paint and wallpaper. The idea: to allow the customer to find in the stores of the brand, the maximum of accessories which will be used to personalize its interior.

Useful information

Where to find the Flamant universe in France? In Bordeaux: 7 Cours de l'Intendance 33000 Bordeaux In Lille 59/61 rue Esquermoise 59800 Lille In Paris 8 place Furstemberg, 8 rue de l'Abbaye 75006 Paris You can also simply stroll on the Net: //www.flamantshop. com /