Is it advisable to replace radiant heaters with inertial heaters?

Is it advisable to replace radiant heaters with inertial heaters?

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Question from Marie:


Answer: it is a good solution for a comfortable temperature and energy savings

Hello Marie, choosing electric radiators with inertia therefore electric is a good solution today since they do not directly produce heat with a metal plate overheated by electrical resistances, but through a complex system which associates a refractory core which accumulates the heat and releases it at a lower temperature to a highly emissive heating body, generally made of aluminum. This is where the "soft heat" label comes from. First big advantage of inertia: we no longer undergo hot / cold waves when the thermostat switches on and then turns off. Second advantage: the soft heat is of better quality. We do not feel the "hot spot" of the radiator. An equally important third advantage: there is much less convection around the radiator because its temperature is lower. You will therefore have to save energy by reducing your electrical consumption, while improving your thermal comfort. Inertia radiators with heat transfer fluid are less expensive to buy but accumulate less heat and fluids have a power low inertia. They are therefore less economical to use and less ecological. Inertial radiators with a heating core (ceramic, ceramic brick, cast iron, lava stone, granite, etc.) are more expensive but accumulate heat better, restore it better and for longer. Associated with advanced thermostatic programming systems, they seem to be more efficient and consume less energy. High density brick is the material I would recommend because it has the best power of inertia. Do not hesitate, however, to seek the advice of a professional to buy a quality product! Discover all questions to the editor