Presentation of Air Concept inflatable poufs, both design and eco-friendly!

Presentation of Air Concept inflatable poufs, both design and eco-friendly!

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Combining ecology and aesthetics is not an easy task. Fortunately, to satisfy our conscience and our green attitude, some decorative accessories show us the opposite! This is the case with Air Concept inflatable poufs. Discovered on "mynote", they have precisely this capacity to reconcile design and respect for the environment, from their manufacture to their end of life. One thing is certain, if you have an ecological soul, you should quickly be as excited as we are!

Between eco-friendly manufacturing and packaging…

It all starts with the manufacture of poufs. Their parent company, My Note Deco, has a major commitment to ecology. So, it is a French eco-responsible subcontractor who takes care of their design based on materials, you guessed it, green. But even if it means seeing life in the green, you might as well do it in the rules of the art! This is at least the brand's credo since even the working conditions (sorting of waste) and transport (optimized storage) go in the direction of an attitude respectful of the environment. As for the sale of these poufs, whose ergonomics, lightness, comfort and design aspect deserve to be emphasized, it sports packaging ... made of recycled cardboard. And that's not all !

… And recycling!

The story could have ended with us, the day when we would tire of these delicious meetings. But it is not so. Instead of throwing them away, we send them back to the manufacturer. Why ? Because it recycles their cover in comforters, bags or purses and their PVC in raw material for soles or even bumpers! Incredible, but very true. Result, we're a fan. To discover all the models of Air Concept, go to: And also discover our selection of other eco-friendly seats below:


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