The veranda as a hobby room

The veranda as a hobby room

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If you are lucky enough to have a veranda, know that it represents a real asset for your home! Real room in addition, it can for example allow you to arrange a room dedicated to fun and relaxation. Are you tempted? Follow our advice!

A relaxation area both inside and outside

The veranda is a fabulous window on your garden which makes it an ideal space to relax while enjoying the comfort of the interior as if you were outside. So it's up to you to make the veranda a hybrid space between your house and your garden, for example by imagining a winter garden that you can open in fine weather. To set up this relaxation area, why not install a garden furniture which you can enjoy all year round. As for the exterior, we will choose a comfortable model in woven resin for the trendy side. You can also equip your veranda with a lounge chair or even more comfortable with a chaise longue that will allow you to read or take a nap in your space.

A real games room

What if the veranda was the opportunity to install a playroom that will allow young and old alike to have fun with a beautiful view of the garden? The good news with the veranda is that you can also enjoy it on rainy days! The little ones will install all their toys to invent stories around the merchant or a very large car circuit, and the older ones as well as the adults will be able to treat themselves to a playroom. On the program: table football, billiards, darts… And why not install a bar area to extend the conviviality of this space?