What is a CMV made of?

What is a CMV made of?

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Answer: an extraction group, extraction vents, air inlets or insufflation vents and ducts.

The extraction unit is the central part of the VMC. It is in the form of a box containing a motor fitted with a large fan. Its function is to ensure the circulation of air in your room and to extract stale air from it. The exhaust vents are responsible for exhausting stale air from the room to the outside. The air inlets ensure the renewal of fresh air in the room in a single flow CMV. These air intakes are generally ventilation grilles. In the case of a double-flow VMC, it is the air intakes that play this role. The sheaths, on the other hand, serve to hermetically connect the other components of the CMV to each other. It is preferable to use ducts with thermal insulation if they must pass through unheated rooms. It is also possible to replace the ducts with oval ducts which take up less space. You too, send us your brico question