Seb Actifry Essential lightens fries and also lightens

Seb Actifry Essential lightens fries and also lightens

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Inevitably by eating fries with a single spoonful of oil, you will eventually get thinner! (if only it was true). In this case this concept of weight loss works with oil-free fryers but only for the Actifry itself. Imagine that the now famous fryer with a single spoon of oil comes out in a new version that we could qualify as light since it is a 1 kg format, the smallest of the brand's current models. (even if the 1 kg version of fresh fries already existed on an earlier model: the Actifry AL806000). What surprises at first glance is obviously this new look with colors that stand out compared to what we used to see on Actifry.
Seb offers us an astonishing mixture with surprising colors: the top is brown sugar (according to Seb because I see it gray), the white base and the handle (at least what seems to be) is green. The only concern, in any case on the visuals, is that it seems to be in front of a salad spinner and not a fryer, but why not.
The other characteristic that calls to mind when we see the product in pictures, is the functionality or rather the lack of functionality: Where did the screen go? Where did the buttons go? It is a mystery for the moment unsolved since Seb communicates very little on the product page. Apparently the concept would be to have a simplified Actifry as possible, using just oil-free cooking technology. There would therefore be no timer, nor automatic programs. It would be a bit like Seb selling the prototype of the Actifry. The question is why Seb offers this type of Actifry fryer. There are two possible hypotheses. Either Seb wants to offer this simplified version to reach a larger clientele: by removing all the superfluous, we offer a product whose manufacturing cost drops. This would be logical, especially since the brand announces on the product page a price of € 139.99 (while the other versions are announced between € 249.99 and € 179.99). However, on online stores, the prices displayed are strangely much higher, around € 200 for this fryer. Which is really strange since we are quite used to the opposite. Seb would he be wrong in his product sheet or online stores have they decided to offer a spring bonus? The other hypothesis would also be that Seb offers this almost manual version for consumers who are generally suspicious when they are offered too many technologies at once. Will Ginette finally put her old deep frying pan in the trash by discovering the Actifry Essential? We will no doubt know when we have solved the price puzzle. Seb, Actifry Essential, 1kg, FZ3000 00, € 139.99 (or not)


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