What does land drainage consist of?

What does land drainage consist of?

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Answer: a drain placed all around the foundations.

It is first of all a professional matter, as the drainage of land requires technical knowledge related to the nature of the soil, the direction of natural flow of water, etc. Drainage of land then requires quite heavy work since it is necessary to dig a trench all around the house. This pit is intended to successively accommodate a concrete drain, a pebble mat then a drain, new layers of pebbles and finally earth. The depth of the drain depends on several parameters, including that of the foundations, the quality of the soil, etc. The drain will then collect rainwater and discharge it, either to the rainwater network to which it will be connected, or to a sump. The walls of the foundations, themselves, will have been previously covered with an anti-humidity coating, and their buried part will have been lined with hollow blocks. You too, send us your DIY question.