What is the maintenance of a septic tank?

What is the maintenance of a septic tank?

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Answer: the septic tank must be emptied every four years, the grease trap and the prefilter cleaned every three to six months and the scale removed from the pipes.

Regular maintenance of your septic tank is imperative to deal with the accumulation of waste, malfunctions, and ensure a good lifespan. To do this, you must first drain the pit, approximately every four years to prevent the pipes and drains from becoming clogged. Be careful not to drain the sludge completely, part of it must be kept. Also note that the sludge cannot be used as a fertilizer. Then clean the grease trap and the prefilter every three to six months, then finish by removing the scale that has accumulated in the pipes. Do not hesitate to seek professional help, especially for emptying your septic tank. You too, send us your brico question