Campingaz launches gas charcoal barbecue

Campingaz launches gas charcoal barbecue

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While going around the main barbecue brands in France, I noticed a certain comeback of charcoal barbecues. Even if you consider that whatever the fuel used, the taste of the barbecue remains essentially the same, the charcoal barbecue has the characteristic smell of summer meals in the garden under the arbor. Charcoal is the Proust madeleine of the Julyists and Augustians, in the same way as the anisette and the pétanque (who spoke of cliché?). Proof of this strong comeback of charcoal, Campingaz, the gas barbecue specialist, is launching a charcoal barbecue!

The Bonesco range from Campingaz

Bonesco is actually a range of three new charcoal barbecues but one of them is helped by gas to get a quicker and easier ignition. Quick Start technology allows you to easily start a fire with a gas cartridge: Campingaz ensures that this method allows you to have a barbecue ready in 10 minutes, in complete safety. For the other models in the range, the more traditional ignition is that of starting through the chimney by placing the fire starter in a designated location. Bonesco barbecue cooking can be controlled thanks to the Airflow system which allows you to adjust the ventilation to vary the temperature and the ignition of the charcoal. With the cover that you can hang along the barbecue or put directly on the heat source, you get direct cooking or oven-type cooking. Finally the base of the Bonesco barbecue incorporates an ash drawer to facilitate cleaning. Campingaz, Barbecue Bonesco QST L (with Quick Start technology), from € 200 Campingaz, Barbecue Bonesco LC, from € 119 Campingaz, Barbecue Bonesco SC, from € 99


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