When the decor takes the plane

When the decor takes the plane

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Since the release of the last Almodovar "The Passing Lovers" and "Love & Turbulence" by Alexandre Castagnetti, the decor has its head in the clouds. It was on board an airplane that she found inspiration! The idea? Take off the destination scenery elsewhere ... Ready to fly in the sky?

Blue sky imitation

Above the clouds, we let go. It is because through the window, the infinity of a blue sky soothes us intensely. Result: we would like this view for home. A luxury that can be offered thanks to a trompe-l'oeil wallpaper, to be deployed at will on the wall. We recommend the following two models: the Ciel wallpaper to find at 4murs or the AS Création Nuages ​​wallpaper by Leroy Merlin. But living under a big blue sky inside doesn't necessarily mean choosing a wallpaper. By repainting the ceiling with a very light blue, the illusion is created with ease…

Decorative suitcases

Who says travel by plane says luggage. But at the decorative security control, the most modern, chic, even high-tech suitcases will not pass. What we need: trunks. In metal or wood, mottled or restyled, pop or explorer mode, they sow a change of scenery, encourage escape. In short, ideal for asserting a globetrotting side at home and making the daily grind disappear in the blink of an eye. Note that our favorites are called Roadtrip at But and Denise at AM.PM. Have a nice trip…