What color to associate with yellow walls?

What color to associate with yellow walls?

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Emerald green may have been voted color of the year by the famous color chart Pantone, according to a recent survey conducted by the paint brand Dulux Valentines, it is yellow, the best-selling color in the world, which would win all the decorative votes. Parrying our lack of vitamin C, planting joy and brightening the interior, life in yellow would have become the miracle cure for the majority of us. A great success that deserves that we look at its best color associations ... Especially when it is propelled on the walls of the house ...

With black

Do you want an atmosphere that is both design and warm? The winning duo is called yellow and black. Namely, a yellow wall and black furniture. The warmth of one will counterbalance the coldness of the other, the elegance of the second will make the tone of the first more chic. A beautiful balance that is both classy and welcoming, bright and sophisticated. In short, ideal in the main living room of the house, the living room, but which can equally sublimate the kitchen, the entrance or the dining room. Deco chic sunflower version, who is for?

With white

After white, yellow is the brightest shade in the color wheel. Result: for a doubly bright interior, we keep the white and the yolk (of the egg) in the same decor. Note that the brightness is not the only strong point of this pair. The white "hospital" atmospheres can rejoice in their new healthy complexion, the yellow punchy atmospheres in their recent softness and discretion. What we also like about this bias? The freedom to choose any shade of yellow, from the most pastel to the most vivid. And if the choice stops on a clear and desaturated shade, nothing prevents us from adding a few small touches of color here and there to awaken a fresh spring spirit.

With a mix of colors

The road to India begins now, between a wall painted in bright yellow and a decor dotted with colors of all kinds. Yes, to create a change of scenery, daring a shimmering yellow wall completed with bright shades is allowed. A total revitalizing look that resembles, for example, a sunny yellow wall, carved wooden furniture and textiles with delicate patterns and flamboyant colors. Only warning: do not abuse the overflow of colors at the risk of creating suffocation! It is therefore best to limit yourself to a single wall to paint and textiles with similar prints…

With brown

To twist an interior furnished with wood, nothing like a wall painted in yellow! In fact, the woody essence balances and softens its liveliness, and the natural decor, already warm, radiates doubly conviviality. Note that the rendering differs according to the tone of the woods. The wenge color will offer the whole a beautiful "tropical and natural" spirit while the blond or Scandinavian wood, will offer more a purified punchy spirit. Who says better ? The inspiration "yellow walls" in the decor now begins: