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3 good reasons to want a hanging plant… upside down

3 good reasons to want a hanging plant… upside down

In spring, we have only one desire: to decorate the house with green plants to feel like in the garden. And if we brought a little fantasy to this momentum of greenery? If you do not yet know the plants hanging upside down, now is the time to adopt this trend, to say the least, original and unexpected ... Here are three good reasons that will convince you!

For their unusual look

A stunning decor in every sense of the word, that, lovers of unusual decor should appreciate! Uncommon, the pots of plants hanging upside down have something to amaze the gallery, and even sow doubt… Because at first glance, their improbable position can make us think that they are fake plants!

For their limited watering

After the aesthetics, the practical side! Indeed, the other good point of plants growing upside down is that they are at home what dromedaries are in the desert. In short, they require limited maintenance and watering since they consume 80% less water than "traditional" plants. So just fill their magic tank with water once or twice a month, and voila. If you don't have a green thumb, this could save your reputation!

For their space saving spirit

The problem with plants is that they take up space, and space isn't always available. With hanging plants, worrying about lack of space is useless! Hanging in the air, plants hanging upside down revegetate the smallest interiors lacking square meters… To adopt the trend of plants hanging upside down, go to: