What colors to associate with the "jungle chic" style?

What colors to associate with the "jungle chic" style?

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Vanessa Paradis immersed in a surprising Amazon jungle signed H & M, Zara Home bringing up a leopard, banana leaves and tropical birds on its linen: for short, the trend "jungle chic" is everywhere this season, from fashion to fashion decoration! A trend (if not THE summer trend) that we intend to appropriate ... But beware, this style, an eccentric hair, must be handled with the greatest care not to stifle the decor. Let’s start by taking stock of the colors, between good and bad associations.

The preferred color to break the total jungle chic look: white

The jungle-style prints perfectly mimic the dense vegetation that they embody in what it fascinates but also in its quickly invasive side. To avoid falling into an overloaded decor, the ideal is to soothe and rebalance the overflow of tropical plants with white, as much as desired! This will preferably be ecru so as to bring a zest of sweetness and is available in all possible forms: a branch with white flowers, cushions, a fine carpet, a vase ... Note that the other good point of white except its moderating effect on the "book of the jungle" look is that it highlights it by contrast effect. Thus, the patterns of palm leaves and others stand out more in the decor!

Colors to emphasize the tropical spirit: punchy shades

Also allowed, small notes of exotic color (turquoise blue, sun yellow, flashy orange, fuchsia pink ...) awaken the sleepy peps under the generous vegetation. Zara Home sets an example with its collection of household linen called "Jungle-Green Embroidered Bed Linen". Indeed, on each of its pieces, the prints subtly mix greenery and bright colors. A leopard pattern here, an exotic flower there, and that's how to raise the "tropical" temperature at home! Besides, apart from simple prints, we can also bring these touches of pep by the accessories!

Color to accentuate style: green (to be used in moderation)

For you, even if it means appropriating the jungle chic trend, you might as well play your decor card to the maximum. The idea: feeling totally out of place when you get home. Direction the tropics! A daring and assumed bias to which we associate from the start several variations of greens: moss green, avocado green, khaki green. Their mixture will only evoke to perfection, the plant diversity that reigns in the depths! However, keep in mind that too much green kills green. And for good reason, if this color divinely dresses our forests from top to bottom, you should know that inside, its effect is not the same. Used in abundance, it would tend to cause a suffocating effect and create an overdose. In other words, here, the total jungle look must be carefully transposed ...