Industrial inspiration for toilets

Industrial inspiration for toilets

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What if the toilets were in harmony with the rest of the house? Do you think this is not possible since your interior is industrial in style? Stop misconceptions because you can bring industrial inspiration to your toilets too! And to prove it to you, we tell you how to do it.

The choice of coatings

To create your industrial atmosphere, you will have to bet on materials and a specific color code. If you want to completely renovate your toilets, do not hesitate to change floor and wall coverings to offer you materials that will set the tone. On the ground, nothing like raw concrete that will immediately install the "factory" side of the industrial style. On the walls, why not play with a brick facing? If you don't want to get into big jobs, note that a trompe l'oeil wallpaper and vinyl flooring can also do the trick.

Industrial-inspired accessories

And to refine your style, you can count on accessories! Treat yourself to a flap that takes up one of the codes of the industrial style by choosing it in imitation metal, raw wood or even cement effect. And for the toilet brush, you will opt for a stainless steel model or one that incorporates a cement effect part. The key is to play with the different materials in your accessories in order to infuse the industrial style into your toilets in a jiffy. The final touch? A toilet paper with a brick pattern to create the surprise!


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