Atypyk, the quirky little unusual brand

Atypyk, the quirky little unusual brand

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The name Atypyk is self-explanatory. Atypyk as a range of anything but classic accessories. Atypyk as cheekily funny objects, with an overflowing imagination and with a surprising vocation. As you can see, if this small rising brand with the eponymous name has made a good breakthrough in the world of interior decoration, it is above all thanks to its sense of humor. A quirky and 100% assumed positioning that prompted the editorial staff of dé to tell you about it today.

15 years of seniority

About this company, we don't know much except that it was launched in Paris fifteen years ago. At the origin of the project, the winning duo Ivan Duval and Jean Sébastien Ides. The first has forged his experience in advertising, the second in the plastic arts and graphics. Following a first collaboration at the end of the 80s, and eager to offer original accessories with high creativity, they launched, almost 10 years later, in 1997, "Cowstick", a sticker spotted like a cow intended to customize the blanc de blancs refrigerators. Success is imminent. So quickly, the pair founded Atypyk. A brand halfway between design and contemporary art, the concept of which could be summed up in one sentence: "creator of ideas objects". And of the idea, there are. The proof a paragraph below. Moreover, the brand is unique to the fingertips, even in its name, the "i" having been replaced by "y" ...

Mine of funny and unusual objects

Welcome to the cave of unusual wonders. We could enumerate all the fun and playful quirks that we find there, but we have done better than that. They were sorted by categories. First the kitchen. Rolling pin in the shape of a wine bottle with two tips, cutting board in the shape of Shakespeare's work, there is something to distract! In terms of tableware, it's downright recreation! The plates opt for improbable looks ranging from the Vichy style (to blend with a bistro-style tablecloth), a flying saucer-like design (to entertain young and old), a broken plate effect trompe-l'oeil a cake-shaped silhouette, just for desserts. And that's just the beginning. So, you should not be surprised to be able to draw on the tablecloth called Gribouille, to find in the salad bowl, cutlery in the shape of DIY keys or even to light up the meal using a candlestick corkscrew. If we go to the living room, we could be stuck in front of a vase made from beer cans! Moreover, the height of the shift is attributed to the cushion "The Origin of the World" by Gustave Courbet, just behind the door wedge in the shape of a cross. Not very Catholic all that! Result: our selection of the end will be more poetic, with the choice: a carpet in the shape of moon or a salt shaker in the shape of Parisian snowball, Eiffel Tower included. To discover the Atypyk brand products, go to: