The armchair that you take with you everywhere in summer

The armchair that you take with you everywhere in summer

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In summer, the accent chair becomes our new handbag. Outdoor cinema, improvised picnic, relaxing at the beach or reading break in the garden, all the good reasons to take it with you and make sure you are well settled in all circumstances. What are the special features of this nomadic armchair? It is nomadic, space saving and comfortable as possible.

Who says nomadic chair says foldable

Our summer companion, intended to be carried under the arm wherever we see fit, is necessarily foldable! The most classic model takes an extra flat shape, the backrest folds down on the seat. For this reason, we particularly like the Brommö model at Ikéa for its price (55 €), its chic appearance (dark wooden structure, black tapered interior) and its slightly raised seat (allowing it to be in a semi reclined position ). However, foldable chairs can also form a "stake", like when folding a parasol. This is the case for models with butterfly feet! The famous Lafuma Pop Up outdoor armchair is a benchmark in this field, its incredible lightness making it particularly easy to transport, and its fabric seat offering it the same comfort (or almost) as a lounge chair…

Comfort first

Even bet on an armchair so as not to sit on the grass or on the sand this summer, you might as well choose a comfortable maxi version! Also at Lafuma, we are particularly fond of models that are not only foldable but also adjustable in 3 positions. To be seated, slightly or totally lying down, it's the foot! And that's not all, the other advantage of these models is their headrest. Like what, even a foldable and transportable chair can be comfortable.