Design ideas around the "music" corner

Design ideas around the "music" corner

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The music festival is approaching, and the decor inevitably turns to the space HI-FI chain, vinyls, headphones and company. With magic wands (and very simple ideas to steal), she proves to us that she has music in her skin…

Vinyls like paintings

Vinyls are trendy. And for a vintage style music corner, we haven't found anything better yet. It remains to be determined how to stage them! First, there are the collector pockets, which we do not hesitate to frame as if they were works of art. Exhibited in series on the wall, they create an "exposure" effect to die for. Another possibility? Take the 33 towers out of their pocket and climb them to the ceiling in an unstructured order! Trendy graphics guaranteed.

Headsets in the air

Headsets in the air, and ants on the ground. Even if it means reinventing the song, you might as well reinvent their hitherto very discreet staging! Among the good ideas to copy and paste, we have retained two. The first: hang them in a row (if there are several) on pretty wall hooks. The second: perch them and all the headphones available, on the steps of a decorative ladder! Mp3 and laptop should be around.

Scores of scores

By stocking up on scores, to be found in the flea markets or in our old music books, the decor is poetic and melodious. Placed on the desk under a glass tray, dispatched in patchwork on the wall, or framed one by one: all arrangements are welcome ...

Instruments in the front row

Trumpet, guitar, violin: whatever the musical instrument used, it is a real ally of decoration. How? 'Or' What ? By giving it height (if the size allows it). Because once hung vertically using hooks, the unique models, in duo or trio, appropriate the decor to sow the musical atmosphere that best resembles us. And if it is an imposing instrument (piano, drums ...), easy for him to monopolize attention, especially if it is installed in the middle of the room!

Sound in the spotlight

In the same way as musical instruments, the material allowing us to enjoy the radio, CDs, vinyls and others, deserves to be noticed. Quickly, we reserve an entire chest of drawers for a turntable, a mixer, speakers or the HI-FI system… Better, on the wall against which he or she is leaning, we place a square of funky wallpaper or a rectangle of fluorescent masking tape. There, they will certainly become rare pieces preciously presented. DJ music!

Library discs

Imagine a display cabinet, a large shelf or wall boxes along the wall. Inside: not books or magazines, but an XXL collection of records and CDs. Or how to transform the space into a skillfully mastered "record store" type corner. Difficult not to crack!