What color should be given with transparent furniture?

What color should be given with transparent furniture?

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Since the famous Louis Ghost chair by designer Philippe Starck, transparent furniture has featured in interiors in recent times. Tables, chairs, armchairs, stools let the decor shine through and allow not to break the perspectives. An interesting feature especially when you live in a small space. The craze has spread and more and more transparent furniture is coming to our decor, even in large spaces. Also so that they integrate without false note in your interior, find out how to associate their transparency with color?

Carte blanche in bright colors with transparent furniture

The transparent polycarbonate or glass furniture offers a definite advantage, they blend with all the decorative styles and all the colors of the color wheel. But the decorative bias that will delight them is to play the card of bright colors. To be adopted only by touches to magnify its radiance, invite without any complex, fuchsia pink, carmine red, lemon yellow, overseas blue or turquoise green. You will offer a touch of vitality to your decor and you will highlight your transparent furniture.

Pure white, combined with design and transparent furniture

White is the least risky color, or non-color, to associate with your transparent furniture. Combining with all the colors of the chromatic spectrum, white is a sure value. Its whiteness and purity often suit it in designer interiors, which is why combining it with transparent furniture is reinforcing the contemporary aspect of your decoration. White walls, white textiles and white furniture will energize with materials to give it relief.

Contrast transparent furniture with rustic hues

Rather unexpected, the combination of transparent furniture with rustic furniture and colors in shades of brown will create the surprise. This 100% contrast between the modern design of the transparent chairs and the rest of the countryside-inspired decor sets two different styles in opposition. It is precisely this set of styles that adds character to the room.

Black goes so well with transparent furniture

Add a Flemish spirit to your decor by betting on the color black or on a charcoal gray, for the most fearful. This very fashionable shade brings a cocooning aspect to the room that welcomes it. Preferably chosen in a matt finish on the walls so that it absorbs natural or artificial light, it will be contrasted with the glossy appearance of transparent chairs. On the ground, do not hesitate to extend the cocoon effect by choosing a very warm brown parquet. Discover several decorative atmospheres of transparent furniture with color to inspire you. White, bright colors, black and harmonies of brown seduce your decor ...


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