Trend: the decor is increasing!

Trend: the decor is increasing!

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To decorate your interior with style, you can apply a simple but very decorative rule which consists of multiplying decorative objects to offer furniture or accessories in double or even triple. Zoom on the elements that you can multiply with your eyes closed.

Multiple suspensions

Imagine a large table that would be lit by a single pendant light. The latter would look good on its own and even if you choose a nice size, it will not light up enough. The solution: opt for two medium-sized suspensions that will be distributed on the table in a harmonious and functional way. Multiplying the suspensions makes it possible to adapt the lighting to the room and to structure the volumes. We can go up to three if necessary on a kitchen bar for example. Not only will the pendant lights provide perfect lighting, but they will also make it possible to materialize the bar area.

Sofas and armchairs x2

To distribute the furniture well in the space, it is sometimes better to opt for two sofas smaller than an XXL sofa which will seem too large for the room. By making this choice, you will better distribute the spaces and offer you a more structured volume. In addition, you will get the same number of seats but in a more user-friendly configuration since the sofas, chaise lounges or armchairs can face each other. It is ideal in a living room if you like to receive your friends or if you are a large family. In addition, two chaise lounges or two armchairs can offer different spaces when the inhabitants want a moment of their own to read or listen to music.

Practical furniture is also increasing

Also think that multiplying the furniture allows to multiply the uses. Indeed, by opting for two small tables instead of one, you will have both a table to accommodate the desired number of people but also to use the space for two different activities. You can sit on one as you would on a desk without having to get rid if some want to settle down to taste it. Similarly, multiplying the storage allows you to give different functions to your furniture. Rather than a single wardrobe where we mix the linen, the household linen and the papers, we prefer three storage units to fix on the wall which will each accommodate a type of accessory. In a bathroom for example, it could also be a storage unit for each member of the family.

Two basins in the bathroom

It's not easy to get ready in the bathroom when everyone starts work or school at the same time. The solution to save time? Opt for a double sink that allows two family members to prepare at the same time. In terms of decoration, the bathroom space is growing and offers a nice balance due to the geometric aspect. For the mirror, you can choose to choose a large model or prefer a mirror for each sink.