Athen: the ultra-powerful stick vacuum cleaner signed Hoover

Athen: the ultra-powerful stick vacuum cleaner signed Hoover

Do you hesitate to buy a stick vacuum cleaner because of its power? Do not panic, Hoover now offers a stick vacuum cleaner that has everything of a real vacuum cleaner. Something to combine design, practicality and performance. We tell you everything about this new asset!

A powerful vacuum cleaner…

Athen is the latest addition to Hoover vacuum cleaners. And if its silhouette is rather thin, it does not lack power either! Indeed, it is today the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner in its class thanks to 30V which are combined with cyclonic technology. He has everything of a real vacuum cleaner. And to offer you an ideal suction experience, it also has the greatest autonomy on the market in order to carry out 60 minutes of cleaning at one time. The stick vacuum cleaner is therefore also suitable for large surfaces since it will not be necessary to recharge the device between two rooms!

… Which retains the practicality of broom vacuums

And all this power is also associated with all the advantages of the stick vacuum cleaner! Athen is indeed cordless, rechargeable and bagless to guarantee great flexibility of use. It is also designed for all types of floors thanks to three modes: floor for the floor, carpet for rugs and carpets and turbo for places requiring more power. Practical, it is also easy to handle and stands upright simply thanks to a "parking" position. The plus: no more charging bases because this vacuum cleaner charges like a smartphone! Price: 199 euros> More info on