Paris: 5 decorative addresses around the Saint-Paul metro

Paris: 5 decorative addresses around the Saint-Paul metro

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The Marais district is concentrated around the Saint-Paul metro, although some see it even larger by extending it to the Hôtel de Ville station on the one hand and Filles du Calvaire on the other. Between the 3rd and 4th arrondissement of Paris, on the right bank of the Seine, different styles come together creating a district that lives between tradition and novelty. Small visit of our favorite decoration brands.

1 - Fleux

The Fleux boutique has become a must in the neighborhood and has grown over the years. Today with 4 spaces installed in the same street, it is easy to go from one shop to another. There is everything, funny and unusual design, patterned or plain textiles but also books, furniture, candles and gadgets at low prices. 39 and 52 rue sainte croix de la bretonnerie - 75004 Paris

2 - Vintage

Restaurant known to regulars, we eat raw food there but not only! Fresh, healthy and light cuisine to indulge and do good: the products are organic and like wines, they come from small producers who deliver their products directly to the restaurant. In the evening from 7 am, you can enjoy tapas by the fireplace with a glass of wine, to be enjoyed in moderation, all in a place with an original but elegant decor. 7 rue charlemagne - 75004 Paris

3- Caravan

The Marais shop is dedicated to reception and conviviality rooms. The brand makes its own furniture and fabrics. The focus is indeed on the textile creations that set the tone: a very wide variety of choice of fabrics produced by the company or purchased from around the world. Sophisticated aesthetics and user comfort are the watchwords of the brand. The sofas are customizable among the different models and the thousands of fabrics available, for a living room all to yourself. 6 rue pavée - 75004 Paris

4 - The scout

If you do not have the opportunity to go to MAMAC in Nice to discover the installation "Hommage à Alexandre Calder" by artist Arne Quinze on the occasion of its renovation, do not lose hope: he also designed the L'Eclaireur du Marais boutique. Luxury brands and confidential creators rub shoulders on clothes racks in a space of more than 450m2. More artistic creation than simple store, we visit the place for what it is as much as for the collections. 29 bis rue des Francs Bourgeois - 75004 Paris

5- Izrael

Ali Baba's spice version. Wealth of choice and colors, in every nook and cranny, in an atmosphere of joyful disorder. A real shambles where all the spices possible and imaginable are enthroned. A grocery store that highlights the universal character of the flavors: dried fruit, condiments, preserves, various products ... from all over the world, waiting to be discovered to put spice on its plate! 30 rue François Miron - 75004 Paris
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