The decor goes to the beach at low prices

The decor goes to the beach at low prices

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"Only on the sand with your eyes in the decor" could be the start of a great story between you and your passion for decor. Because you are a beauty addict! So when it comes to going to the beach, we stay the course and we equip ourselves as it should. Beach mat, parasols, picnic baskets, you are ready for the holidays!

The decor under the summer sun

The holidays are looming and with them the joy of taking time and lounging on the beach. These few weeks of happiness are to be honored with a decoration under the sign of the sun and good humor. This is why to start this relaxation cure, bet on a mattress with multicolored stripes which in addition to being comfortable with its thick mattress will be the perfect partner for a nap, especially on a pebble beach. Then, to protect yourself from the sun, take out the umbrellas! Our favorite this year, the Hawaiian parasol. To stand out, but also for its fringes that dance in the wind, it is welcome at the hottest hours of the day.

Day and night, decoration combined

In the evening when everyone is back and the beach becomes deserted, close the umbrellas and light the lanterns. Scattered around you, they will echo the stars and brighten up your evening with their tart colors. All you have to do is take out the picnic baskets and melamine dishes to taste juicy melons and freshly made salads that morning. Are we toasting? Our practical table decoration videos