What color with neon yellow?

What color with neon yellow?

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Neon yellow is back on the decoration scene after long decades of absence. Very fashionable in the 80s, it was displayed without complex in fashion and decoration to fall into oblivion for years. Today, its bright color invites it with pleasure in all types of interiors. Like a stab of stabilo, it wakes up and reveals your decor. But how to adopt it with the infinite palette of colors, what are the colors that enhance it or on the contrary that soothe it? The answer right away!

Adopt white with neon yellow for a 0 risk take

He is the big winner this season. White shines in all the interiors that welcome it. Light reflector, it radiates from the fluorescent. Walls, furniture, objects, white textiles are open to neon yellow but on one condition: use it sparingly in your decor! The perfect combination to concoct an interior that would rise to the top of the trend: adopt white as a total look in your room where only a few cushions or neon yellow and soft plaids would curl up.

To not overdo it, use gray with neon yellow

Gray, in all its variations, goes perfectly with neon yellow. Being part of the so-called "cold" shades, that is to say which absorb light, put it on gray to precisely bring out the luminosity which emerges from yellow. This opposition reveals the brilliance of the two shades for a successful association. Concretely at home: you can paint a charcoal gray wall and run along the wall at mid-height or a few centimeters from your ceiling, a fluorescent yellow masking tape.

Neon yellow sees life in color

Neon yellow suits other colors in the color spectrum. For a flawless result, stay in a range of calm tones with pastel resonances, for example. Thus appeased, neon yellow thus finds its place without going out on contact with other colors.

Awaken the nature of wood with neon yellow

Certainly there is no fluorescent color in nature but yet the marriage of wood with fluorescent yellow is a combination that works perfectly well. Choose a wood preferably blond, light oak or birch type that can take the form of a shelf, a table or a Scandinavian row. Then raise the luster of the wood by placing fluorescent objects on it like a candle holder, books or a tealight holder that would spice up the whole.

The neon yellow wakes up at night!

And to illuminate your decor, bet on a luminous sculpture, in a grouse spirit, with touches of neon yellow. Once lit, it lights up these bright colors with your room, which is adorned for the occasion of a festival of colors that celebrates the house. Discover in a slideshow the decorative atmospheres that put fluorescent yellow in the spotlight. Our practical DIY videos


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