Who is Paul? The 100% design and recycling brand

Who is Paul? The 100% design and recycling brand

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The French brand has been creating since 2008 pieces with a strong design that respect nature. A particular technique and know-how that benefits everyone.

Birth of a brand

Behind this "improbable" name, hide two design enthusiasts, followers of a particular technique of plastic transformation: rotational molding. At the command of a French industrial production site specializing in this technique, they create together "Qui Est Paul?". The company quickly surrounds itself with young creators who know how to combine inventiveness and consideration for the planet. It thus gives life to products with graphic lines based on the most original ideas and stemming from French know-how and production. The caps of our old bottles have another possible end of life than collecting them at our children's school. Indeed, the first creation of Qui Est Paul? Is the armchair Translation Kylie Alain Gilles: a creation made from recycled corks.

Rotational molding for design and the environment

The name may seem barbaric and scary at first, but behind it hides a technique perfectly mastered by the brand. The plastic, in the form of powder or liquid, is placed in a rotating metal mold. Heated to temperatures up to 300 ° C, the whole is then cooled and removed from the mold. This technique makes it possible to create hollow and original shapes, which are profitable for designers' creations. Indoor and outdoor furniture consist of products with sculptural lines, which are available in many colors. Made in France, the company's products are 100% recyclable and resistant to almost everything: plastic furniture has the advantage of withstanding temperatures from -20 ° to + 60 ° or even not deteriorating over time of time (bad weather, discoloration).

"Who is Paul?" : the 2013 collection

This year, some pretty new items in the collection, such as Oh dear . This playful and quirky watering can hides its capacity of 2L well and seduces by its malleability. Available in 17 colors, you will easily find the color that will go well with your outdoor furniture. The Rock Party range, composed of an ottoman and a coffee table brings the outside into your home with its "flowerpot" spirit. The seat (black, gray or taupe) and the top (black, gray or white) withdraw and reveal a niche. Invisible storage, practical for small spaces it will lighten the shelves already overflowing. Less easy to install at home, but just as surprising: the Eiffel Tower format 2.20m. It will cause a sensation with all those who cross its path, whether in light version at night, or colorful and pop during the day. Who is Paul? Today it enjoys national recognition, with more than 400 points of sale in France and a strong international presence in more than 25 countries. More info: www.qui-est-paul.com Our practical garden videos