What type of paneling can you install in a bathroom?

What type of paneling can you install in a bathroom?

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Answer: use PVC paneling or wood paneling if it is already oiled or waxed.

The bathroom is a more or less humid room and very often poorly ventilated, it is better to favor the use of PVC paneling, even if you can also install wood paneling. It is therefore preferable to choose paneling already oiled or waxed, which you can then varnish. Recognized for its anti-humidity and anti-mold qualities, the PVC paneling is very quick and easy to install. You can stick it directly on the wall or on the tiles, around the bathtub and above the sinks. On the advantage side, it should be noted that the PVC paneling can be cleaned in a jiffy. Regarding style, you will get a nice effect of renewal and modernity. In any case, a good ventilation is essential ... You too, send us your decoration question video id = "0" / Our practical DIY videos