Trendy ideas to get away by the sea while staying at home

Trendy ideas to get away by the sea while staying at home

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To hoist a seaside style decor at home, it's not just the blue and white stripes. Caught according to coastal inspirations, here are 4 more advanced ideas, sometimes offbeat but always very themed, which have the knack of extending the holidays until the end of the summer.

With elements gleaned from the beach sublimated

No need to spend a fortune to imbue your summer decor with the "seaside" imprint. If you go on vacation to the beach, take the opportunity to bring back some precious 100% natural finds: small and large shells, a flask of fine sand and a few branches of driftwood. Don't you find them so precious? Think again. Everything lies in the staging! Under bells, in a series of column vases, graduated cylinders, Erlenmeyer flasks, or in a trio of diverted sugar bowls, you will see how seashells and driftwood suddenly go upmarket. Sprinkle everything with fine sand and repeat the operation as many times as you want and you get a little air of curiosity cabinet romantic / oceanic version that will not fail to attract attention…

With decorative items inspired by the seabed

The inspiration then plunges to twenty thousand places under the sea. Because rubbing shoulders with the seabed is as effective as it is original to approach the "wide open" look. Shading the very classic "fish" motif, the corals are gaining ground. Seen in the form of unusual vases at Zara Home, fruit baskets at Alessi or candlesticks at Made in Design, it seems that they are ranked n ° 1 in the ocean trend this year. In the same idea, we get carried away by fish living in the depths (like the porcupine carafe colored by Geneviève Lethu), or having adopted the shape of starfish!

With staged navigation accessories

What if the seaside style was illustrated by the material crew always present on board? Imagine, for example, a lifeline attached around the mirror to give it a makeover or paddles displayed on the walls like collectibles. And in a two, the scenery is created! Note that the "navigation" theme can also take up space using simple models of ships and boats. Depending on their size and number, they will more or less reinforce the "browser" theme.

With lots of rope to revisit the atmosphere

The art of stringing, which the sailors have perfect mastery of, is also a source of inspiration. The good news is that with a few meters of thick rope, it's easy to reinvent the decor! For example, we revamp the lampshades by wrapping the cord around, we hang one or more cords from one side to the other of the room to improvise an unusual garland (by adding small lanterns or cloth flags beforehand in marine colors) and we create unexpected scenes, by sliding them, as for seashells, under bells! Our practical seaside videos