Curtains that let air and light through

Curtains that let air and light through

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Enjoy the garden even when you are indoors, it is possible provided you choose the right curtains for this summer. In the same way, by choosing the dressing of your windows, you will ensure a little fresh air in your rooms in the evening.

The importance of letting the light pass

In summer, it's time to fill up with light so no question of darkening your rooms with heavy curtains. On the contrary, we prefer light models that allow you to enjoy the sun even indoors. We therefore prefer airy materials such as linen or sheer curtains and we rather focus on light colors. In addition, to also take advantage of the view from the garden, the net curtains will be your allies because they let the gaze pass while dressing your windows. It is also a great way to lighten your decoration for the summer.

Enjoy the freshness of the evenings

When it has been hot and sunny all day, we appreciate that the temperature goes down and that the evenings are a little cooler because we can take advantage of it to give a fresh kick to the house. You can therefore bet on all types of fluid and open curtains that allow ventilation of the rooms and air circulation. Thread curtains can work, for example. And by opting for light curtains, your curtains will let the air pass without stripping your windows. At night, it will also be ideal for sleeping cool while limiting mosquito access to your room. Creating curtains for summer and winter Our practical decoration videos