What is the difference between a softener and an anti-scale filter?

What is the difference between a softener and an anti-scale filter?

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Answer: the scale filter makes the water drinkable, not the softener.

The interest of the softener like that of the anti-limescale filter is to allow the domestic use of water. The softener has the effect of putting salt in the water to lower its lime content. This has the consequence of making water non-potable. It is for this reason that the softener is installed on cold water intended for the production of hot water. With the limescale filter, the lime produced in the water is transformed. It goes from hard limestone to soft and fluid limestone. This limestone, once transformed, does not stick to the pipes and it is easily eliminated. You will need to use the softener when the water is very hard. For it to be effective, you will need to have it installed by a professional. You will need to change the cartridge once a year. The scaler is more economical, it takes up little space, it is easy to install and does not require maintenance. You too, send us your decoration question

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