Pappelina: new carpets to watch closely

Pappelina: new carpets to watch closely

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Once again, it is on the side of Sweden that we must look to discover a brand new carpet brand that may well be a hit in France. Because at Pappelina, not only are the rugs decorative, but they also offer practical qualities. In short, everything we love!

Where does Pappelina come from?

This is the name chosen by Lina Rickardsson for her business. You should know that Pappelina is the contraction of "paper" and "flax" in Swedish and that it was therefore the ideal name to launch a collection of bags and rugs which was interested in the basis of these two materials. But looking for manufacturers for her line, the designer discovered a factory of plastic braided carpets and launched her own colorful and very graphic models.

The rebirth of the braided PVC carpet

We can really say that Pappelina has relaunched the woven plastic carpet which had not been brought up to date since the 60s. By restoring these letters of nobility to this material, the brand offers easy-care rugs (washable in machine at 30 °), very resistant and which do not retain dust. They can even withstand outdoor use to decorate your living room as well as your terrace. And in addition to offering ultra-trendy Scandinavian patterns and practical shapes for corridors for example, the Swedish woman is also concerned about the environment. Thus, the production is 100% Swedish and the carpets contain no phthalates or bisphenol A, nor any heavy metals. Something to attract the most demanding consumers! Price: 35 euros for a 70x50 cm doormat format; 75 euros for a corridor format 70x100cm; 350 euros for a 140x220 cm carpet format> More info on Sanding a parquet Our practical DIY videos