The mustache teases the decor

The mustache teases the decor

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Johnny Deep adopted them and even Brad Pitt and you, when do you get started? We are talking about mustaches of course! Whilst taking on the decor, mustaches are on the rise. This elegant attribute of all self-respecting dandies makes a noticeable come back to distill in your interiors a touch of humor always welcome!

The decor turns to men for inspiration

This time, the decoration went to see on the side of the physical appearance for food. On the program, mustaches in all styles with, however, a clear preference for the musketeer mustache (but without the goatee), even Hercule Poirot. Ending at each end in a very fine point curved upwards, it is as fun as it is decorative. Much more fashionable in decoration, it is quite rare to come across real ones in the street.

In decoration what does it give in concrete terms?

Installing everywhere in the house, you will find the mustache on the AM PM cushions or on the walls at Pöm le bonhomme with the stickers or even more unexpected at the feet of your door with the Urban Outfitters doormats to welcome you with good humor. The must to adopt it is to reserve a real place in your interior. For example, put a single mustache cushion on your sofa or stick several stickers representing the same mustache on a wall panel. Mixing it with other patterns could overdose. Now, it's your turn to play !