Low prices for garden decoration

Low prices for garden decoration

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The garden also has the right to its moment of glory. If properly arranged and decorated, it becomes an extension of your house during the summer, or even a room in its own right. So after installing a table, a few chairs and garden furniture, you just have to bet on the decor for a top garden!

And the garden lights up

For a few euros, we offer candles to place in the garden. The lanterns and other lanterns give an intimate atmosphere. They are then placed in the corners, on the lawn or on the table to enjoy the evenings outside. For more powerful lighting, to line an aisle for example, there are now lamps to plant directly in the ground. Ecological, they work with the sun and do not require investment for the installation.

Characters invade space

The garden gnome has long been considered has been and old-fashioned. Today it is more design than ever. It is found in a golden bling-bling version for an offbeat side, white to paint yourself to let the most creative express themselves or in a sailor and beret for a classic version. Not convinced by the dwarves? You can choose to bring Asia into your garden with statuettes and Buddha heads. In both cases, they are placed everywhere to create a surprise.


Animals are also a good solution to decorate your garden on a small budget. Turtle, ladybug, frogs ... They exist in all sizes and all materials: ceramic, earthenware, earth ... Another example: an old weather vane becomes, with a dash of paint, your new decorative accessory to plant directly in the lawn. To highlight nature and create a Zen atmosphere, you can also choose a fountain to place in the back of the garden. After a while, the grass and plants will climb on it for even more cachet.