The practical living room: the coffee table becomes a magazine rack

The practical living room: the coffee table becomes a magazine rack

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The coffee table is an essential element of the living room. It welcomes our guests for aperitifs, solitary dinners in front of the television, family card games… The coffee table has many uses, but today the editorial team has concocted a selection of coffee tables that become carriers journals. Space saving and reading in the lounge are waiting for you.


The most important advantage of this trend of the multifunction table is of course its practicality. The coffee table was already a chest for bottles or a storage for remote controls, it now has a magazine rack on board. We appreciate being able to quickly find his favorite magazines and books. While you are comfortably seated on your sofa you just have to reach out to the coffee table in the living room to grab your current newspaper.


Design is everywhere and that's good. The designers did not do things by halves and bet on pretty creations that adapt to many styles. There are coffee tables to store your magazines in contemporary or Norman styles but also vintage or classic. Everyone can then invest in a new coffee table that will allow them to hide their books that we cannot see, while retaining their decorative style. Whatever your decorative trend, discover our shopping selection of multi-purpose coffee table to hide your books, magazines and magazines in style.