Homemade trend also comes to the office

Homemade trend also comes to the office

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According to a study by the Observatory on the French and outdoor recreation Campingaz, 1 in 2 French people prefer to take their "homemade" picnic to the office rather than buying a sandwich or another ready-made meal . The balance sheet is therefore clear, the "homemade" comes out of the house and is exported to the office thus giving birth to a new essential in the kitchen: the lunch box or lunch box.

A new way of eating

The French want to eat better! And this involves preparing their meals. No more dishes where the ingredients resemble a panoply of chemists, today we want to control our plate by selecting our own ingredients to eat healthy products. The pleasure of cooking adds to its claims and brings out the office picnic for 1 French person out of 2. Inspired by the Japanese who eat their lunch in boxes, the art of bento, for a healthy meal, thus landed in France. And if the bento first corresponds to a traditional Japanese meal, it also designates the compartmentalized box that accommodates food and that the French have reclaimed!

Ever more inventive boxes

Prepare your meal for the job, but on condition that you do it in style! It was to meet this requirement that the French first turned to bento boxes. The manufacturers were quick to offer many tips for transporting their lunch. Even the famous brand Tupperware then launched into more aesthetic collections with pretty colors for example. Very ingenious, the Lékué brand has looked into the French specificity of the sandwich and even offers covers to transport baguette and sliced ​​bread. As for Aladdin, he revisits the bento box with a small practical cylindrical box with a handle and Black + Blum reinvents the meal tray with a compartmentalized plate that includes everything you need. Something to reinvent the picnic!