What are the safety standards for stairs?

What are the safety standards for stairs?

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Answer: the height of the steps and the ramp, the distance between the vertical bars…

There are obviously safety standards that apply to stairs. Be aware that they are not strictly mandatory (at your home, in any case), but highly recommended. However, in a professional environment or in a public place, you have the obligation to respect them, otherwise your responsibility will be engaged in the event of an incident. The steps, for example, must all be the same height, between 16 and 18 cm. The banister of the staircase must be 90 cm minimum, and the distance between the vertical bars must not exceed 11 cm. You should place anti-slip coatings on the steps if possible, and avoid tiling or polished marble. Better to have risers than empty spaces between the steps. You too, send us your brico question


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