Just an illusion by Guy Degrenne

Just an illusion by Guy Degrenne

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Time flies so fast sometimes: I celebrated my 30th birthday yesterday, right? Wasn't the alarm clock just five minutes ago? Is September 13th the beginning of the month? And when was the Maison & Objet trade fair? Time, this master of our lives, plays very cruel tricks on us as if, basically, nothing matters. Everything is just an illusion, exactly like Guy Degrenne's new collection of porcelain cups, a collection I discovered at the Maison & Objet salon. When was it already? Ah yes, Monday, forever ... In the family of thermo-decorative mugs (in reality I don't know what we call these cups which change color and / or design with heat), we had the choice between bad taste and very bad taste. The worst part remains the man or the woman finding themselves in underwear after passing the liquid (also works for ironing board covers and sake glasses). This is the kind of object that we should never, oh never ever send into space on pain of being directly exterminated by the extraterrestrials without any form of trial (and frankly I would not contradict them on this point). Also think that if the current civilization were to die out, archaeologists of the distant future could then patiently pick up the pieces of such a mug and I can tell you that some people have been called barbarians for less than that. All this to underline that no act is harmless and it would be better to remember it the next time you make a gift for a retirement or a bachelor party. Yes, bad taste comes at a cost! And if we don't all do our part by buying a thermo-decorative mug that does not shame the whole of humanity, we go straight into the wall.
Logically, therefore, I support Guy Degrenne's Illusion collection made up of thermo-decorative cups and mugs because the thing is limited to trendy colors and the porcelain is fine and pleasant on contact with the mouth. Illusion coffee cups by Guy Degrenne, sold in pairs, € 19.90, launch in November 2013.


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