Entrance: our selection of storage

Entrance: our selection of storage

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It is not a room in its own right but it remains a space to be fitted out with care. After all, it is she who gives the very first impression on the house! Coming to life according to our arrivals and departures, the entry is now back to school around a selection of storage and classics revisited.

Small storage

Key ring After the magnetic utensil holder of the splashbacks in the kitchen, place the magnetic keyring on the wall of the entrance with the model called "Fintorp", magnetic and very practical rail signed Ikéa. At But, we also like the wall mount in the shape of a giant key to which we hang all of our keys: cars, mailbox, office, house… Mail carrier and more Indispensable for placing and grouping the letters received after crossing the threshold, the letter carrier takes on a minimalist air at Fly (wall locker). But grouping mail holder and key holder is even better! We especially love the support with hanging mini-shelves accommodating all kinds of accessories (Ultra Mat model at Fly), but especially for the wall support in turquoise blue fabric and very complete signed Home Around the World. Its advantage? It is equipped with a dozen pockets so that mail, books, newspapers, pens, business cards, keys ... find a place at the entrance. Here is an accessory that has thought of everything!

Special coat racks

The coat racks that make us crack At But the Ways coat rack in the form of a sign indicating different districts of New York makes us fall in love. Wall Street, 5th Avenue, Central Park, Brooklyn, Times Square ... it creates a change of scenery as soon as you cross the threshold of your accommodation! Another favorite: the Ikéa PS coat stand, similar in appearance to a wooden pallet. Between each wooden board, removable colored coat hooks slide to adapt to the size of all the members of the tribe. It is the ultimate family model! When the wall hooks replace the coat racks Very fashionable, the hooks are more and more often wall coat racks. We like their space saving aspect as much as their style: sober (like the Grundtal model at Ikéa), full of fantasy (like the colorful felt models, in the form of tangled hangers or hands at Fleux). Ideal for bringing the entrance to life…


Storage bench On the side of the benches for shoe storage, we vote for the red, blue or black mini-seats from the Ikéa PS 2012 collection. We choose the number of seats according to the desired length, then we align them horizontally to form a bench. Most ? They can be stacked so as to form a storage column when trying to save space. An ingenious and modular formula as desired.