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. VELINEA, manufacturer and installer of verandas With more than 500 verandas built per year, the Velinea Group has been present in the veranda universe for more than 50 years in France. Veranda: Design and light The Design: To ensure a real extension to this home, a VELINEA® veranda, in Antique Gray color (Terra Cigala® lacquering range) was custom-made, and installed by VELINEA®. The roof: This veranda which provides perfect thermal insulation in summer and winter, is made up of a VELINEA® roof with a checkered glass cover, in order to create skylights which provide excellent light. Lighting: The interior tower provides for the integration of multicolored remote-controlled LEDs with diffuser, with power dimmer from 0 to 100% and low consumption (24V). The lighting remote control varies the intensity and color of the lights. This lighting offers the possibility of giving the veranda a luminous appearance varying according to the owner's wishes. The aluminum profiles of the roof also incorporate LED lighting spots with dimmer from 0 to 100%. These spots are placed in an aluminum cover. The passage of the connection wires is provided at the end of the cover, thus making them invisible. Curtains: The curtains are harmoniously integrated in a curtain rail which allows the installation of invisible rods. Thus, the privacy of the veranda is preserved by decorative blinds or sheers. The Façade, high-rise opening: Over a width of more than 6 meters, two aluminum sliding doors high (2.90 meters) 3 Satin Moon® leaves with high energy performance. STRENGTHS OF VÉRANDA VELINEA
• 50 years of experience in the conservatory
• 2.90 m high opening in one leaf,
• Direct and indirect lighting, LED, economical, harmonious, invisible, fun,
• Skylight in the shape of a checkerboard providing light while preserving heat,
• Reinforced thermal insulation, thanks to joinery with high energy performance,
• Curtain rail making invisible the rod for fixing the interior blinds. Find all of our products and the nearest installer on, send us an email at [email protected] VELINEA, manufacturer of verandas for more than 55 years realizes a Pergola Wallis & Outdoor® With more than 500 verandas made per year, the Velinea Group has been present for more than 50 years in France, in the world of verandas and pergola. Joinery: Aluminum veranda Wallis & ® Clarity, elegance and refinement, each veranda project is unique, it shelters our dreams, our moments of life cradled in conviviality, relaxation and comfort. The Wallis & ® aluminum veranda can meet all your needs. It is designed for the realization of all types of veranda roofs (flat, Victorian, classic or artist's studio look), including incorporating solar panels (Wallis & Energy®). Simple or complex architecture, the Wallis & ® aluminum veranda provides excellent insulation, all the more if it is combined with Satin Road® and Satin Moon® windows or sliding windows, both conforming to RT 2012 and meeting the High Energy Performance (HPE), very High Energy Performance (THPE) and Positive Energy Building (BEPOS). SYSTEM PROFILES, aluminum gamma designer. Joinery: Alu Satin Road® Sliding Bay from Profil Systèmes, RT 2012 compliant, THPE, BBC labels Satin Road® is an aluminum sliding door with very high energy performance (conforms to RT 2012 and meets the HPE, TPHE and BEPOS labels) for new or renovation work, which optimizes solar gain and promotes light transmission. Satin Road® allows very large openings up to 8 leaves, 4 rails! Curved shapes or straight lines for a more contemporary style (Factory Spirit® design), standard format, high height (up to 3m) or brick partition, everyone finds their happiness. In addition, you can harmonize your windows with the style of your facade and your interior thanks to bicolouring, a color for the interior of your home, a color for the exterior! SYSTEM PROFILES, aluminum gamma designer.


. AQUARYL MAT: Unikalo brand paint, mat appearance based on acrylic resin in aqueous phase. This paint is intended for interior for the decoration of the usual supports of the building. Ecolabel certified. UNIKALO Building paint manufacturer To find our nearest showroom: [email protected] Phone. :


. Pan cut cabochon paving - white slab, black cabochon. - Origin of the stone: Manufacture MARTIAL GRUX SA reconstituted natural stone. - Based on hard limestone from Burgundy bound by resins and white cement. - The colors obtained are tinted in the mass integrated at the time of manufacture. - 50x50 slab MARTIAL GRUX DALLAGE Contact information : S.A Martial Grux 49 Route de Beaune 21190 Corpeau Mail: [email protected] Tel: Fax: Internet address: Partner reseller : Haute Marne 52 GAUZELIN REGIS 2 rue Aujon 52210 Courcelles sur Aujon SILKY beige ANGELO living room rug 170x240cm Brand Angelo Color Beige Plain Pattern Rectangular Shape Living Room Composition 100% Bamboo Material Bamboo Maintenance Vacuum cleaner and dry cleaning Density 4.30 kg / m² Solid color, this magnificent modern carpet // -angelo-933 by designer Angelo will adapt perfectly to all interior styles, this is a 100% natural carpet made from bamboo fiber that will meet all your requirements! UNIVERSOL // [email protected]


. Créaforge Collection Ø20mm Steel curtain rods Rod support Ceiling Fittings for curtain rods Online sale curtain rods Industrial design, studies and design of models for decoration. Specialty in aluminum, Zamak and Brass foundry parts, Distribution and representation. Direct online sales to individuals and professionals. SECODIR-DECO // Contact email: [email protected] Customer Service: Tel. 05 63 03 68 53 Postal address: 1620, Avenue de cos - ZI Nord - 82000 MONTAUBAN Google Maps: // O2MAT: Unikalo brand paint, for neat decoration with a very matt stretched appearance. Available in more than 50,000 shades. Resistance to polishing superior to traditional matt paints, no recovery. Ecolabel and Excell green zone certified. Colors produced for the show: (in O2MAT) MULOT, LINLIN UNIKALO Building paint manufacturer To find our nearest showroom: [email protected] Phone. :


. Linen curtains Made to measure in France in our workshop. Curtains, blinds, tiebacks, throws, cushions and accessories: A wide selection of publisher fabrics such as, Designers Guild, Thevenon, Robert le Héros, Dominique Picquier, constantly renewed and combining plain colors, stripes, Jouy fabrics, prints, embroideries, taffetas, children's range… A wide choice of finishes. The commitment of a delivery in 10 days A 100% French confection made by craftsmen-upholsterers, concerned with impeccable finishes while respecting tradition and French know-how. Each interior has its problem of colors, atmospheres and dimensions. To dress your windows to measure and According to your tastes, order in 3 steps your curtains, sheers and blinds with confidence. In case of hesitation, order up to 5 free samples shipped on request. • Step 1: the choice of fabric
• Step 2: select your finishes
• Step 3: enter your dimensions
Your quote will appear instantly. MESRIDEAUX.FR Tel: 01 42 56 31 92 Mail: [email protected]


. Beige linen sofa 3 seater and 9 cushions Classic and chic. This sofa will find its place in all types of interiors. 5 square cushions: H. 58 x W. 58 cm. 2 small square cushions: H.40 x L.40 cm. 2 long cushions: H. 25 x L.50 cm. EKIP'Home Tel 0811 696 383 Ref: 123850 "Province" armchair. 62 x 50 x H. 70 cm FAMILY COUNTER reader number: 01 47 70 51 12 0942 Coffee Table Elegant rectangular coffee table in current colors. Its low shelf offers storage space for your magazines and other remote controls. It is available in all sizes, also in your colors. French made. 0956 TV stand. This TV cabinet is equipped with a tablet which opens onto a niche to receive the various multimedia devices and a large storage drawer. Your DVDs, CDs will find their places in quantity. This piece of furniture, made in France, is custom-made to adapt to the size of your television. The wide choice of colors available will allow you to match it to your interior. SIGUIER Pont Carral 81490 NOAILHAC Tel: [email protected]


. Philips Ambilight TV - 7108 Series - 47 inch - Frameless, the Philips Ambilight 7100 series television combines pure white design and exceptional image quality - Equipped with the Ambilight 3 sides, it offers a comfortable television experience and in full immersion - The integrated remote control, equipped with a keyboard and of a pointer, facilitates navigation in Smart TV connected TV services - Thanks to its connectivity, its 3D equipment and its convergence features, the Philips 7100 series television allows the sharing of multimedia content and services for the whole family and integrates discreetly a Skype HD camera PHILIPS television (marketed by TP Vision France) TP VISION France Philips TV 28 Rue Pagès - CS 70020 - 92156 Suresnes Cedex TELEPHONE 01 82 97 00 90


. Metal mesh Baltard floor lamps - Chehoma Baltard floor lamp with a wire mesh, dare the Eiffel Tower in your living room! For information, there is also the lamp and the chandelier in the same collection. DECO AND ME Mikado Floor lamp white 160 MONCORNERDECO BP207: Single floor lamp: 35 x 19.5 x 120cm THE SCULPTORS OF THE LAKE Chalet du XIVème 1050 route du dravachet 74110 MONTRIOND FRANCE Tel: + 33-4-50-75-99-66 Fax: + 33-4-50-79-03-91 Website: List of retailers: / /


. Ref: 132860 Ceramic vase PM "Céladon" D. 22 x H. 269 cm Ref: 132870 GM ceramic vase "Céladon". D. 25 x H. 51 cm FAMILY COUNTER reader number: 01 47 70 51 12 The candles PARTYLITE Medicis High GM White Vase COMING B The team of "D&CO, a week to change everything" called on the know-how of the online florist for the design and delivery of the bouquets of flowers necessary for the new decoration of the house. For a decoration in white tones, the has selected 3 bouquets of roses and germinis to give this floral touch to the interior decoration of the house. The delivery was made with care by the logistics provider used throughout the year by for these deliveries to Paris and the surrounding suburbs. BOUQUETNANTAIS.COM Sale to individuals and home delivery throughout France: or by phone: (0.12 € / min)


. Maxisol® Maxisol® is a very compact expanded polystyrene panel for high thermal insulation of floors. Maxisol® is a multi-use and versatile solution that can be installed anywhere: under paving and under floating screed. Placo® Find your Placo® solution for every room in the house at //


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