Room: I want a valet like at the hotel

Room: I want a valet like at the hotel

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What we appreciate in hotels are the little touches that make life more practical! So why deprive yourself of it when you get home? We then equip ourselves with a dedicated piece of furniture to put down our clothes at the end of the day. Night valets, bed ends or simple armchairs are sure to make a difference in the decor of your room.

Tell me how you sleep, I'll tell you who you are!

There are those who dream of finding their bed as quickly as possible and who leave their clothes on the floor at the foot of the bed, those who carefully fold everything like a ritual before sleeping and those who still take the time to choose their clothes for the next day. No matter which category you fall into, you will definitely appreciate having a dedicated space for your clothes. Those in a hurry will opt for a simple armchair that will be multifunctional and practical for leaving their clothes after a busy day. The meticulous will opt for a bed end in order to be able to put down their folded clothes, and the most far-sighted will opt for the valet, who will receive the clothes for the next day without any wrinkles.

A question of style

In addition to practical considerations, and whether you choose a valet, a bed end or an armchair, this accessory will be a real decorative ally that will give a chic note to the room by recalling the hotels. The element will of course be chosen according to the style of the room: a stylish armchair for a charming room, a very sleek valet for a design atmosphere and a contemporary bench for a modern room. Anyway, also think about the good circulation in the room. If you lack space, the valet will be the least cumbersome solution. Conversely, if you need to dress a large room, it will seem too small and it would be better to opt for a bed end if the room is long and for an armchair if it is more wide. By taking into account your way of life, the style of your room and its size, there is no doubt that you will find the accessory you need!