Tissage de Luz awakens the soul of the Basque Country

Tissage de Luz awakens the soul of the Basque Country

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It was on the Atlantic side that the family saga of Tissage de Luz started, which has now lasted for over 100 years! Tablecloths, deckchairs, curtains, towels ... The Basque company has chosen quality and simplicity, to offer each year a nice catalog with a holiday and family home spirit. With its shimmering colors, Tissage de Luz renews the bayadère motif and the tartan without ever falling into monotony. The result is chic and timeless, the products solid and practical. What make us want to accessorize the whole house, from the kitchen to the living room through the garden! Back on the history of a family of enthusiasts.

100 years of history

For more than a century, Tissage de Luz has woven its history with colored thread and cotton. A company born from the passion of a family with a textile fiber which, generation after generation, transmits its love of the beautiful, the good and the sustainable. It was in 1908 that Jean-Baptiste Gouze created his first mechanical workshop in Gestas. On his craft, "Mantis to oxen", simple and striped fabrics which are used in the country to cover oxen and protect them from the sun and parasites. In parallel, fabrics for sandals are woven, those dedicated to clothing and table linen. He moved to Bayonne in 1932 in order to expand his clientele and especially to recruit qualified workers, very present in the region. It was at this time that he incorporated colors and shades in his tableware creations, while introducing his son to the love of beautiful linen. After two gold medals obtained at the Lyon fair, its products are starting to sell in department stores in Paris! During the 2nd World War, table linen will be left aside in favor of clothing, whose needs will increase. The company, however, slowly collapsed with the textile crisis until it closed its doors in 1977. It was not until fifteen years before Maïté Fanfare - Jean-Baptiste's granddaughter - had the audacity to relaunch the business. Tissage de Luz will be reborn under its current name and will develop over the years, until today becoming a company recognized for its creativity and the quality of its products.

The featured color

An unceasingly renewed creative style, combined with ancestral know-how of impeccable quality give the fabrics of Tissage de luz an aesthetic touch in tune with the times as well as a capital of confidence. Around a decoration concept for the home, the Basque company offers ranges of table linen: tablecloths, sets, paths, coated fabric; office linen: aprons, tea towels, gloves, potholders; but also curtains, cushions, a whole collection of sunbeds and bags. The fabrics are woven in Lyon, the products are assembled in the Espelette workshop: the company's made in France remains accessible in terms of price! With its 150 points of sale in France and more than 50 abroad, Tissage de Luz's products are widely distributed, recently reinforced by the opening of its website www.tissagedeluz.com. And if you are tempted, our practical table decoration videos